Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to FAQ page of the Saratoga Wilton Soccer Club (SWSC). We designed this page to answer some of the more frequent questions parents have.

Q | What is Travel Soccer and what are the benefits?

The Saratoga Wilton Soccer Club (SWSC) travel program is for soccer players who are looking for a more competitive soccer environment than recreational soccer. Boys and girls with a strong drive to develop their soccer abilities and a passion for the game are ready to make the commitment to play travel soccer.

Q | How will my son or daughter be picked for a team?

The SWSC holds tryouts each June at the Chaz Dake Memorial Field. We view the tryout as a team placement. Our goal is to place every prospective player on a team with athletes of similar age and ability.

All players are evaluated during these tryouts by the clubs coaches and placed on appropriate teams by the coaching staff. Situations do exist where there are not enough players to create a team. The Club will search the community or other clubs to fill a roster. In the event a team cannot be created, players will be placed on a waiting list until a position becomes available.

Q | How do I determine the right age group for my child?

The “magical date” for determining a player’s age group is August 1 (during the year of the tryout).

The Capital District Youth Soccer Association has a matrix for determining which team your child will play on

Q | How good does a player need to be to play travel soccer?

No soccer experience is necessary. We serve all interested players and families. We will teach the skills necessary to enjoy and succeed in the game of soccer. Most age groups have A and B teams, allowing for appropriate environments based upon age, talent, and motivation. A number of players come to the Club from recreation leagues, and especially at the younger ages some participate in both recreation and Club soccer. Older players often participate with their school teams and the Club simultaneously.

Q | How much time commitment is required?

Travel soccer teams play in two sessions or seasons per year. The Fall season lasts about 12 weeks from mid August to mid -November. The Spring season lasts about 13 weeks from March to mid- June. Teams typically play 8-10 games per season. Most games are played on Sundays, but you should expect at least 1 or 2 Saturday games per season. Teams usually play one or more pre-season scrimmages and 2-4 tournaments per season, depending upon the age group and competitive level of the team. Teams begin practicing 3 or 4 weeks before the start of each season. Practices are from 1½ to 2 hours per session and take place at least twice a week. Travel players are expected to attend all team practices and games.

Q | Can my child play other sports while playing travel soccer?

Yes. You can play other sports. Your child is not limited to playing travel soccer only. Travel soccer does require a level of commitment but playing other sports or involvement in other activities is very important in the development of a child into a well-rounded young adult. We do ask that you let your coach know about potential conflicts.

Q | When and where do travel teams practice?

The Travel program begins November and ends in June. Travel teams generally practice one-two times a week during the season for 1½ hours per practice. Our teams practice outdoors at Gavin Park and Chaz Dake fields on Daniels Road. During the indoor season, our teams typically practice at the Charbonneau Recreation Center in Malta and school gyms.

Q | Where and Who do SWSC teams play?

Indoor Soccer Season
Teams play 2 – 3 indoor sessions at The Sportsplex of Halfmoon or AFRIM's in Latham between November – March.

Outdoor League Play
Teams play outdoors in the Capital District Youth Soccer League (CDYSL) from late April through the end of June with games on weekends and during the week depending on the age level. Most travel is generally in Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer and Warren Counties. Some common opponents include Clifton Park, Ballston Spa, Guilderland, Colonie, Latham, Bethlehem, Henry Hudson and Burnt Hills.

Local and Regional Tournaments
Depending on the team age groups, some teams play 3-4 indoor and 3-4 outdoor tournaments during the season (these may require travel outside of the Capital Region (1.5 – 2 hours driving time).

Q | How many teams will the SWSC have in my son’s or daughter’s age group?

The number of teams formed in an age group depends on the number of players who try out and their ability levels. SWSC generally forms 2 teams per age group, per gender, at the U8-U18 age groups. These teams are tiered, according to ability, as an ’A’ team and a ’B’ team.

Q | How are teams formed and players selected for each team?

Coaches strives to balance the two teams in each age group. This means players are equally spread across these teams in the age group. For the U10 and older teams, the coaches form teams based on the players’ individual ability levels. These teams are tiered, based on the competitiveness of each team.

Q | How much does travel soccer cost?

Club Fees | Standard across all age levels. Paid directly to the club.
  • Club Registration Fee - $500 per player / Per Year to include:
  • 22 indoor practice sessions (facility costs, insurance fees, equipment ie.goals, balls, training aids etc.
  • Capital District Youth Soccer and Eastern New York Youth Soccer fees
  • Capital District Youth Soccer outdoor spring league play (includes field costs, referee fees, field lining, field maintenance)
  • Administrative fees (website costs, online registration, office supplies, mailing costs etc)
Team fees | These rates depend on age group and are collected from team parents by the coach or manager of respective teams.
  • $400-$1000 estimated - Typically costs are higher for older teams because of more travel related games and tournaments.
  • Uniform Kit ($50-$90)
  • Coach/trainer fees
  • Indoor league fees (Sportsplex or Afrim's)
  • Tournaments ($25.00 to $75 per player per tournament)
  • Extra Indoor Practice Fees