Our teaching approach...

We teach the skills, tactics, and joy of soccer through practices, competition, and programming to the youth of Saratoga, Wilton, and other local communities; foster and reinforce lifelong values such as honesty, discipline, and respect; and serve as a positive contributor to the health and well-being of the broader community.

Through adherence by our trainers and coaches to the Club's training manual and participation in our foundational fall Academy, we aim to play a skillful brand of soccer - a style that demonstrates the predominant use of technical abilities, composure, and finesse in support of a flowing and creative approach to the game.

The manual presents a developmentally appropriate training program beginning at the under-8 level and progressing through under-16. Club trainers coordinate with coaches in late summer to help set goals and plans for the year. During the indoor season, trainers generally run every other practice for each team. Coaches' training sessions are also offered. The intent is to provide a common core of training progressions that carry through each player's career with the Club.


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